'Fractured Realities' Series

1. They Call Me Stan

A veteran capsuleer starts to struggle with his reality, questioning things that don't add up.

2. Do Capsuleers Dream of Electric Spaceships

In order to take his mind off the big questions about his existence, Stan decides to do some missions.
3. Plancks, Cloaks and Techno-Zombies
Stan notices not everything seems to make sense with his station hangar, but finds a distraction in a local Sansha's Nation presence. His day starts well...

Freebooted Fiction Shorts

Clouded Judgement
When quotas aren't met on an isolated gas extraction colony, the cut-throat demands of corporate New Eden push desperate individuals to measures both heroic and tragic.

Sometimes, something pushes back.

The Accidental Capsuleer

Not all capsuleers get the appropriate training, as Bryan the mission agent finds out...

Why does a ship become unresponsive when docking. What happens when the screen goes black shortly after? Why do docking ships just disappear from view? Here are the answers.

How do capsuleers manage to loiter in intel channels, socialise in bars and attend meetings, all whilst simultaneously piloting a ship into combat? Here is the explanation.

It's not just the wrecks of ships that get re-used after a battle. Read the gruesome truth about what lies in store for a capsuleer after death.

Long Jack and Seismic Stan go hunting in Providence.

One of the occasions when Freebooters' CEO Greenbeard left and the outpouring of sympathy that his corpmates felt.

Freeboot & Green Customisation and Modification

FGCM have a long history of tinkering with perfectly good designs and ruining them. See some of their (now out-of-date) work showcased here;

FGCM Ship Brochures:
  • Punisher Brochure
    • 'Pitbull' Solo Combat Mission Tank
    • 'Archer' Solo Combat Mission Sniper
    • 'Feral' Squad Combat Mission DPS
    • 'Taz' Squad PvP Tackler

  • Tristan Brochure
    • 'Papa Shita' Solo Combat Mission Tank
    • 'Hermit' Combat Mission Artillery Support
    • 'Treacle' Combat Mission DPS/PvP Tackle Support
    • 'Shit Can' PvP Combat Support (Cap neutralisation)

Pimp Your Pod Collections

Apocrypha Collection

Custom internal ship improvements including the Deus Ex Machina (pictured), the God Pod, The Javix 'Soft-Top' Deluxe and the Minmatidy Plus.

Price on application.

Tyrannis Collection

Custom ship and pod augmentations for the discerning capsuleer, including the Steridor 4000, Shiny Happy Capsule and Custom Pod-Pets: The Sovicou Cave-Snake (pictured).

Disclaimer required.

Incursion Collection

Camp and spiky is the Sansha's Nation inspired theme for these fashion items and ship interiors, including Sansha's Helmet, Kuvakai Kickers, Nation Shades, Zombi Crib, Prickly Plating and Interior Security Spikes.

Insurance unavailable.

Tech Gear Challenge

Scripts from Greenbeard's locally broadcast ship review show. Any resemblance this show bears to ancient holoreel footage of Top Gear is purely coincidental.

Other Assorted Satirical Silliness

EVE is Dying: The Four Developers of the Apocalypse

A Complete History of the DUST Franchise

Sister Eve: Space Nun and Agony Aunt

CCP's "Walking in Stations" Expansion Schedule Revised

Dr. Stan's Capsuleer Clinic

Iceland to be Renamed New Eden

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