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A History of Blog Banters

Originally the brainchild of the Blogfather, Crazy Kinux, blog banters are single topics discussed across the EVE blogging community. It encourages the sharing of ideas and cross-pollination of readership. All in all a healthy thing for a community.

Crazy Kinux nurtured the Blog Banters  at Crazy Kinux's Musing from inception in October 2008 to March 2011.

Following Crazy Kinux's departure from the EVE Blogosphere, stewardship of the Blog Banter concept found a home here at Freebooted from Aug 2011 until May 2013. With a tweak to the traditional format, the individual banters evolved to contribute to a final summary designed to give the reader a broad overview of every blogger's perspective.

In  June 2013, I (Seismic Stan) stepped down for various reasons and passed the EVE Blog Banter community initiative on to the capable stewardship of Kirith Kodachi at Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah. Head over there for the latest banter activity..

Keeping Records

For more information on how the community Blog Banters worked in the Freebooted era, read this post.

Other Freebooted Blog Banter overview articles:
Generally, between twenty and thirty varying points of view are offered and over 100 different bloggers took part during my tenure. 

See the entire history of the Blog Banters from 2008 onward at the bottom of this page.

Most recent Ninveah-era Blog Banters can be viewed here.


April 2013
BB46: The Main Event

How can prime fiction live events work alongside the day-to-day player-driven narrative?


March 2013
BB45: Propaganda

The art of manipulation is a staple of the EVE metagame. The banter community chews over the concept.


February 2013
The divisive topic of the local chat channel falls under the sights of the banteratti and is requested as a Blog Banter by community members.


January 2013
BB43: Celebrating the Nation of EVE

Kicking off the new Eden New Year and the start of the awards season by applauding our peers and embarrassing our enemies.


December 2012 

The yearly community attempt to review the entire concept that is EVE Online. 


November 2012
BB41: Director's Cut 

A fantasy media mash-up. How could the IP of EVE Online be used to tell the story of Internet Spaceships in other formats. 


October 2012

What part should eSports play in the universe of New Eden?

August 2012
BB39: Home 

Does the concept of "home" have a place in New Eden or are all players just roving nomadic warmongers?

July 2012

BB38: Dogma

Is CCP over-reliant on community effort or are some arguably off-putting quirks a catalyst for emergent gameplay?

June 2012

BB37: The Line in the Sand

With controversy being the lifeblood of EVE, the blogging community examines the moral impact of player actions, in and out of game.

May 2012
BB36: The Expansion of EVE  

Following the release of EVE's 17th expansion, the community reflects on expansions past and present and considers the highs and lows of EVE's growth.


April 2012
BB35: The Public Perception of EVE Online

With fresh moral criticism of EVE Online's playerbase, the bloggeratti explore the what drives the gaming public's opinion and reflects on whether it is cause for concern.


March 2012
BB34: The Rise of the Spaceship Politician

At the height of election season, the EVE player base is on the hunt for new candidates to represent them on the Council of Stellar Management. How do players think it should progress?


February 2012
BB33: The Capsuleer Experience

With the inception of the new CCP Player Experience team, their request for input on the tribulations of New Players was knocked about in the blogosphere.


January 2012
BB32: Non-Consensual Combat Restrictions

Should EVE show a softer side? Or continue to strike fear into the hearts of the weak? Here's what the bloggeratti thought.


December 2011
BB31: Community Review of EVE Online

A true MMO review is generally considered impossible given the scale of content. That didn't stop these twenty-one bloggers from trying


November 2011
BB30: The Melting Pot

In the lead up to the Crucible expansion, the hypothetical "what feature would you add" question was asked, before being coincidentally backed up by a similar request from lead designer CCP Soundwave.


October 2011
BB29: Immersion

What began as a discussion about the meaning of immersion in gaming and EVE Online in particular ended up as a community soul-search on what we all loved about being part of the most emotive MMO experience in existence.


September 2011
BB28: The Future of EVE Online, CCP and the CSM
It was an eventful summer for the Council of Stellar Management, with player dissatisfaction and mass unsubscriptions instigating a "Special Summit" with CCP.


July 2011
BB27: EVE Quick Matches

In the wake of the Summer of Incarnage and the seductive lure of the instant action of World of Tanks, the blogging community discusses if such a mechanic has a place in EVE Online.



Crazy Kinux Era (2008-2011)

1. Exotic Dancers, Corporate Meetings & more (Oct)
2. Space, the Final Frontier... (Nov)
3. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (Dec)

4. The Game with the Thousand Faces (Jan)
5. Leave what you know at the door please! (Feb)
6. Nowhere to go... (Mar)
7. Eh, nobody told me you could do this in EVE! (Apr)
8. Care for a little game of SecWars? (May)
9. If I were a CCP Dev I would... (Jun)
10. It's just a game! (Jul)
11. The Few, the Proud, the next Tech 3 ships! (Aug)
12. Tying the dots and locking me in! (Sep)
13. Your mission, should you decide to accept it... (Oct)

14. A beginning is a very delicate time... (Jan)
15. Why We Love EVE Online (Feb)
16. The Three Pillars of Wisdom (Mar)
17. The Ladies of New Eden (Apr)
18. The Heroes with a Thousand Faces (Jun)
19. Growing Pains (Jul)
20. Care for a little griefing tonight? (Aug)
21. The Lure of the Wild (Sep)
22. Home Sweet Corp (Oct)
23. Rome wasn't build in a day, neither was New Eden (Dec)

24. Be, all that you can be, and so much more! (Jan)
25. And by Alliance you mean.....? (Feb)
26. Beyond nebulas and shiny ships (Mar)

Freebooted Era (2011-present)

27. EVE Quick Matches (Aug) [Summary]
28. The Future of EVE Online, CCP and the CSM (Sep) [Summary]
29. Immersion (Oct) [Summary]
30. The Melting Pot (Nov) [Summary]
31. Community Review of EVE Online (Dec) [Summary]

32. Non-Consensual Combat Restrictions (Jan) [Summary]
33. The Capsuleer Experience (Feb) [Summary]
34. The Rise of the Spaceship Politician (Mar) [Summary]
35. The Public Perception of EVE Online (Apr) [Summary]
36. The Expansion of EVE (May) [Summary]
37. The Line in the Sand (Jun) [Summary]
38. Dogma (July) [Summary]
39. Home (Aug) [Summary]
40. Interstellar Blood Sports (Oct) [Summary]
41. Director's Cut (Nov) [Summary]
42. Community Review of EVE Online (Dec) [Summary]

43. Celebrating the Nation of EVE (Jan) [Summary]
44. Is There Anybody Out There? (Feb)
45. Propaganda (Mar)
46. The Main Event (Apr) [Summary]

47. Knowledge (July) [Summary]
48. Lore (August)
49. Rich (September)
50. Changes (October)

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